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Light World MIssion - One Million Indigenous(Native) Missionary Movement

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 Who is Light World Mission(LWM)?

The Light World Mission(LWM) was founded in the U.S.A by Rev. Suksu James Kim in 1989. LWM now, is working in 11 countries, U.S.A, S-Korea, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, India, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Maleysia, East-Asia. LWM so fas has established (  ) missionary training centers. LWM's main purpose is to train God's Workers for the remaining task of our Lord Jesus Christ. LWM is an evangelical interdenominational missionary society who are fully committed to the life ministry of Jesus Christ in multinational field. LWM's motto is that "Jesus is the Light of this world! Be the light of the Lord to light the world."

LWM's Mission Strategy
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From Founder of LWM 

Dear: My Fellow Workers of Christ           among the nations

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Welcome to Light World Mission Jesus Christ Discipling Center(LWM JCDC).  I believe that you have made the most precious decision to follow our Lord Jesus Christ. Do you know the meaning of "Following Jesus Christ?" It means to be transformed like Jesus Christ and to do His Remaining Task.(Mt.6:33; 28:19-20). It is God's calling, ultimate purpose, for all christian.(Ro 8:29, Phil 4:13) LWM is ready to help you fulfilling your call. I pray that you will be anointed and equipped as Christ's powerful workers for the remaining task through this training. May God bless you richly!

Sincerely Yours in Christ.

Rev.Suksu James Kim
Founder & President of LWM

Phone: 86-53-746-0386   E-mail: lwmkorea@hanmail.net