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Why Indigenous Missionary?

I. World Now!
97% of world unreached lives in the 10/40 Window.
The majority of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and tribals live in this window.
Over 80,000 die every day in Asian and African Countries without knowing about God's love in Jesus Christ. Who can finish Jesus remaining task in a given time?

II. The Strong Points of Native (Asian and African) Missionary

1. Effective Cultural Adjustment
AAM can reach this people without much cultural barriers. Although AAM do face many difficulties when they preach Gospel of Jesus Christ person to person, they still have a lot more advantages to adjust to the hard situation of mission field comparing to the western missionaries.

2. Field Situations, exclusive to foreign

85% of Asian and North African countries do not allow western missionaries to come and freely teach and preach God's Word. But native Asian and African missionaries are so indigenous to the unreached. They are not perceived as a foreign missionaries. But they comfortably communicate with the unreached since they already know the languages.

3. Cost is less but very fruitful church planting
A native missionary can be trained as a missionary with one(1) dollar per day for a year. After they finished the training, you can send them to the unchurched with the less than $1,000 per year while for foreign missionaries takes $75,000. But the quality of LWM Asian and African missionary is incredible.
90% of our graduates begin their ministry where there is no church at all. most of them are able to pioneer new church within six months. But their fruits is not only beginning new fellowship but making disciples among new believers.
After one to two years they bring their committed disciples to be trained as a leader of new fellowship or to be missionaries to other villages.

III. One Million Missionary Needed.
To light Jesus' Light to the all unreached Light World Mission realized years ago that we would need One Million Pioneer Missionaries to plant churches among all the unreached people groups in North Africa and Asia.

The Light World Mission Now!
To Mobilize potential workers Light world Mission has opened 11 missionary training centers and 35 discipleship training centers in East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, India, Philippines Mindanao, South Korea, and China. Now more than 200 LWMers are working for this mission.

. Vision of the Light World Mission

Every year LWM can train and equip thousand disciples and missionaries, church planters. Our native missionaries are paying high cost to walk every day more than 10-15 Km on the high mountains and jungle. They are sometimes under high persecution and suffering to see God's family settled down as a strong community of believers among the unreached.

LWM is targeting to plant truly indigenous church, characterized in a self-growing, expanding church with the leaderships from their own people group. Missionaries can move to new people group after two - three years. By 2005 LWM set the goal to train and to send 3000 Native missionaries to plant 1000 new churches

LWM 2005, Vision
By 2005, LWM plan to send 3,000 missionaries & to plant 1,000 churchs by reaching 30 unreached people groups

VI. Partnership Needed!

Thousands of heartful missionaries are ready to be trained and go to the unreached. They need your partnership. Although they are willing to be trained and to go, they are so limited in their financial budget. Even they couldn't  afford their minimum expenditure for food, transportation, and a little room to sleep. Since whole countries are so poor economically, they have no income for ministry. Can you believe that most believer bring their Sunday offering one eggs or a little rice or vegetables.

Without partnership of Christians in the advanced countries, they are not able to carry on the mission to preach gospel and make disciples in the unreached  groups. It takes only $30 for one missionary student to be trained for one year. After their training they can be sent to the unreached with the monthly support of $40 to $60. If you are not able to support one missionary, you can make small group to pray together for mission and to send one missionary to the unreached.

When you become a sponsor, your missionaries mission picture and report will be sent to you.

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