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 About Suksu J.Kim, Founder of LWM

Rev. Suksu James KimSuksu J. Kim is the founder and president of the Light World Mission organization involved in revival and discipling movement among world churches and raising mission movement by training and sending indigenous(Asian & African now) missionaries to plant churches in the unreached people groups.


For the first ten years since 1993 to now, Light World Mission has founded 11 missionary training centers and 35 local discipling centers in 8 different countries. More than 200 missionaries are now planting churches in  15 unreached, such as Subanin, Bajao, Manubo, Maticsalog etc in Mindanao Philippines, Saboti, Teso, Muslim, etc. in the East Africa. Gujarati, Maharati, Tamil Nadu people, Orissa, Jarkhand Munda people, etc. in India, Han Chinese.


1991 Graduation Ceremony with Dr.Cook Biola University PresidentRev. Suksu J. Kim was born in Daegu, the South Korea. His parents are devoted elders in the Presbyterian church. Their faith has been generated into six children. Rev. Suksu was grown up as a fourth children who want to be an economist. While he was attending to Chungang University, he was transferred into U. S. A. to study Economics. But God had an another plan for him to be a missionary for nations.


Rev. Kim's Family wife Mi, Daniel & JaneHe was attended to Talbot Theological Seminary at Biola University from 1987 to 1990 to study Master of Divinity program. While he was attending at Talbot Seminary, he was pastoring college students and young adult at Dongshin Presbyterian Church, Orange County. And he also founded the Light World Mission for foreign student mission at UC Irvine. He was ordained in 1992.

For his eleven years experience and fruitful ministry in the U.S.A. made them very comfortable to stay in every aspect of life of the State. But Rev. Suksu and his wife Mi couldn't resist God's calling for the people in Asia and Africa. With two children Daniel and Jane, both of them born in the States and grow up till 9 to 10 years old.

India Pastors Conference at Kanykumari, Tamil Nadu.They moved their base to Daegu, South Korea. Many people couldn't understand why he come back to Korea. But many young committed people who had been changed by Rev. Suksu to follow Jesus Christ for their whole lives from Korea, China, Philippines, India, and East Africa were the answer of his calling to Asian and African countries.

God Gave him tremendous fruits to raise thousands disciples and missionaries in 8 countries and among 15 unreached people groups. LWM is becoming one of the leading mission to bring Indigenous(Native) Missionary Movement as the last strategy of completing our Lord's Remaining Task. When LWM began Native missionary movement, church said that "That is good idea!". Five years back they said that "That should be very effective to do the unreached mission in the field." Now they say that "It is the only way to complete the Lord's t remaining task."


LWM Mindanao Western Area MissionariesHe is now traveling mostly for pastors conference, mission conference and church growth seminar besides regular schedule to visit LWM missionary training centers for missionary trainings in those various countries.

Rev. Kim has authored several books, Jesus Christ Life Ministry, the main manual of missionary training, The Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Christian Faith, Bible Study Materials.

Phone: 86-53-746-0386   E-mail: lwmkorea@hanmail.net